Boy King Tut

Blossom - 40" H x 11" W - $3,000.00(US)


Boy King Tut - Hand Painted Mosaic Tiles - 24" H  X  18" W - 1 " Gold  Frame - $3,000.00 (US)


Cathedral - 42" H x 11" W - $3,000.00(US)


End Of The Tunnel

Cobra - 38" H X 13" W ( Wood Brown) - $3,000.00(US)


Curiosity - Original Berlin Wall inlay with Acrylic Background on Birchwood Panel - 21" H X 27" W Contemporary Black Museum 1 1/2" Frame $5,000.00(US)


End Of The Tunnel - Venetian 24 Ct. Gold Mosaic and Slate Stone on Acrylic - 26" H X 20" W - gold frame - $800.00 (US)


Three Graces
Looking at You
In Memory

Three Graces - 3 Acrylic Sculpt Columns on solid oak panel - 61" H X 36" W x 15" D $22,000.00(US)


Looking at You - Period of Time Documentation - acrylic on acrylic - 20” W x 26” H -  $2,000.00 (US)


In Memory - Original Berlin Wall inlay with Acrylic Background on Oakwood Panel - 26.5" H X 24.5" W - Contemporary Black Museum 1 1/2" - Frame - $5,000.00(US)


Southern Lullaby

Southern Lullaby - Venetian Glass Mosaic with Stone Inlay - 28"  H X 28" W - $2,000.00 (US)






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Anneliese Fritts was born in Gera, Germany, and now resides near Columbus, Georgia. She studied the Ancient Art of Mosaic in Italy.

Due to the uniqueness of her work, talent and diversity received in 1981 First Merit Purchase Award for the Columbus Museum of Arts and Sciences, Inc. and has exhibited work around the world from California to Germany, where the mosaic portrait of John F. Kennedy's "Prayer for Peace" hangs in the conference room of the John F. Kennedy University in Berlin. The reception room of the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C. displays a mosaic of Georgia's State Flower "The Cherokee Rose". "Queen Nefertiti" a 12 X 14 mosaic portrait, went to Egypt and was presented to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. The mosaic "Spirit of 76", which depicts an American flag superimposed with an eagle and the dates 1776 - 1976 set in relief, is part of the permanent collection of the National Infantry Museum in Fort Benning, Georgia. In 1994, she was entered in the permanent artist archive files for the Research Center of Women Artists, of the National Museum of Women in the Arts - Washington, D.C. Other works by Mrs. Fritts are held in public and private collections throughout the world.

In 1995, media "ACRYLIC ON ACRYLIC" was reviewed by the Solomon Guggenheim Museum of New York. Printed matter of this is in the Guggenheim library and file in reference in the Guggenheim Museum. Copyright 12/15/1993 "Acrylic on Acrylic".

1996 Exhibit - Stockholm Sweden, Art Addiction - International Gallery

1998 Exhibit - Venice Italy "Masks of Venice" - Two M Awards

2000 - "As Time Flows By" Acrylic on Acrylic - permanent collection - Trautman Museum, Louisiana

2001 - Award of Excellence Exhibit Stockholm, Sweden

2003 - Fall of the Wall Series ©

2003 - International Biographical Center 21st Century Award for Achievements in the Arts , Cambridge, England

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