Emanuele Cacciatore - Appalachian Loose

Appalachian Loose, 2008, Oil on Canvas, 76" x 52"


April 12th to May 7th, 2008, Abba Fine Art, Miami

What is time? How can it be defined, and subsequently, how do we capture a representation of it in an image?

To Emanuele Cacciatore, time is defined as the passage of a series of subsequent and disparate moments. One moment followed by the next, all of which possess a unique value and sublimity worthy of consideration.

In his work, on exhibit at Abba Fine Art, Cacciatore attempts to capture instances of this reality. Emanuele paints nonrepresentational and sometimes abstract images, which read as both the documentation and the realization of the act of painting itself while confirming the sublimity of each passing moment.

Emanuele uses diverse methods of paint application and combines different shaped canvases together to make his paintings. The work is not simply about process alone though. It is about the application of paint, in both a traditional sense as well as in an intellectual and experimental manner to either support similarities or contrast differences in the passage and perception of time.

Cacciatore has exhibited his work extensively both in Europe and the United States. Past exhibitions include the Asyl Gallery and Lannon Gallery in New York City; the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York; Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, New Jersey; The Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, New Jersey; the Jan Baum Gallery in Los Angeles, California; and the Galerie Maurice Gabriel François in Paris, France. He is also the recipient of many awards, including the Armand Hammer Award in Visual Arts from the Los Angeles Arts Council.

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