White Dickinson

Jayoung Yoon
Untitled (The glove), 2008, Digital print, 40x60 inches

JAYOUNG YOON - Ephemeral - Abba Fine Art

Abba Fine Art is delighted to introduce a solo exhibition of JAYOUNG YOON. >>>>> a contemporary Fiber/Mixed Media artists

Abba Fine Art is delighted to introduce a solo exhibition of JAYOUNG YOON. a contemporary Fiber/Mixed Media artists.

Jayoung Yoon work varies in format from installation to sculpture, photography, drawing and performance. She says about her recent work, ³I deal with perception to be able to approach being present.²

Hair is one of the corporeal materials and images being used to explore issues of representation, identity and power. Hair also is the ³remnant² in Jayoung Yoon's works, a remnant of ³what-has-been,² a memory and a memorial. Since its physical properties make it last long after death, hair is an especially appropriate symbol of remembrance and spirituality.

Her works provoke memory-not specific memories of past events necessarily, but a myriad of memories and associations made up of both fanciful, fictions and factual, realities.

By experiencing the tactile, subtle qualities of hair, the viewer could construct of a notion of reality and create a perception of self. Since the images are related to the body, the corn shape of hair sculpture looks like visceral organ such as an unbiblical cord. It conveys the feeling of sensory experience and intimacy.

In another way, her photographs offer a meditation on the performer 's past, present, and future. The images visualize performer thoughts. The shape of hair cord and hair ball metaphorically exist by preserving aspects of physical being which will remain in existence. Therefore, the performer self-consciously raises questions, from her position in relationship to the hair sculpture about her own existence.

The effect the photographs it produce upon viewers is not to restore what belong to the past but to focus on what they see that exists.

Jayoung Yoon has exhibited her work in both Korea and United States. Her studies in Korea and at Canbrook Academy of Art have formed a base of her various techniques and methods.

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