Gentile Bellini: Portrait of Sultan Mehmet II

Gentile Bellini: Portrait of Sultan Mehmet II

Bellini and the East

The National Gallery of London is currently organizing an interesting exhibition entitled "Bellini and the East" that will show the fascinating trip that the Venetian painter did to Istanbul as a guest of Sultan Mehmet II, and how this travel affected to his oeuvre, one of the most interesting -but also less known, especially when compared to his brother Giovanni Bellini- of all the Venetian Renaissance. You can read more at the webpage of the National Gallery



Gentile Bellini (1429-1507) is the oldest of the Bellini brothers, and, although he never achieved the mastery and fame of his brother Giovanni (one year younger) is one of the most narrative talented Venetian painter, whose works had an evident influence in artists like Vittore Carpaccio or the Venetian generation of the Cinquecento, such as Giorgione or Tintoretto. His style, which pays tribute to earlier painters as Gentile da Fabriano, can be resumed in some of his most celebrated compositions, such as the " The miracle of the Holy Cross" , a little canvas in the Galleria della Academia in Venice

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