Help me! I'm lost! - Edvard Munch's The Scream (The Cry)

A bank robber could have information about the "lost Munchs" whereabouts

The "Munch plot" is getting more and more complicated. Two years after the robbery of two masterpieces by Edvard Munch - The scream (The cry) and the Madonna - in the Munch Museum of Oslo, a bank robber called David Toska, arrested in Spain a year ago, has offered to the Norwegian authorities the possibility of recovering both paintings in exchange for a substantial reduction of sentence. The offer is not as ridiculous as it seems, since the police had always suspected about the implication of Toska in the robbery of both canvases, but the absence of evidences caused that he could never be processed for that reason.

The "Munch robbery", one of the most important Art robberies of the last decades, caused a sensation of hysteria in the Norwegian capital, where the local authorities spent more than 100 million euros in improving the security of the Museum, besides offering a reward of 250.000 euros to anyone who could provide information about the whereabouts of the paintings. A tempting reward that, nevertheless, has not given any result: two years later, both expressionists' icons follow are still lost.

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