Four important paintings by Monet, Sisley and Brueghel stolen from a French Museum

August 6th 2007 - Year 2006 was particularly rich in Art robberies (remember the cases concerning Munch's Madonna, or the Goya's painting stolen in the United States). Now, French authorities have informed about an important Art robbery in the Museum of Art in Nice, Southern France, where a group of raiders have stolen four "invaluable" works: two paintings by Flemish master Jan Brueghel ("Allegory of earth" and "Allegory of water"), and two impressionist works by Claude Monet ("Cliffs in Dieppe") and Alfred Sisley ("Line of poplars in Moret")

In addition to the eclectic taste showed by the raiders, it's notable that the works had been stolen on Sunday, when entry was free to the public, and therefore the number of visitors in the Museum was quite high.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Nice suffered another robbery in 1998, also involving works by Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley, but the works were recovered few days after the theft.

What will happen now? Will the paintings be recovered, or we will have another case to add to the already spectacular list of unresolved Art robberies? Only time will tell

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