Claude Monet: Waterloo Bridge, London

Claude Monet: "Waterloo Bridge, London" (1901)

Works by Picasso, Matisse, Monet stolen in Rotterdam

Important works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Lucian Freud have been stolen from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam

October 17, 2012

Seven important paintings from the Triton Foundation collection have been stolen from the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Museum director Emily Ansenk declared that the theft is "every museum director's worst nightmare"

The stolen paintings are Pablo Picasso's "Tête d'Arlequin", Henri Matisse's "Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune"; Claude Monet's "Waterloo Bridge, London" and "Charing Cross Bridge, London"; Paul Gauguin's "Femme devant une fenêtre ouverte, dite la Fiancée"; Meyer de Haan's "Autoportrait" (1889-91); and Lucian Freud's "Woman with Eyes Closed" (2002).

Some famous unresolved art thefts

Ghent Cathedral Museum (1934)
One of the smallest panels from the Ghent Altarpiece (painted by the brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck) was stolen by an unknown thief, who demanded a rescue of 1 million Belgian Francs. Today, most experts believe the painting to be destroyed.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston (1990)
The stolen works included examples of exceptional quality, such as three works by Rembrandt van Rijn (including "Storm at the sea of Galilee", his only seascape, valued at at least $150 million)

Chacara do Ceu Museum, Rio de Janeiro (2006)
The stolen works included Pablo Picasso's "The dance" and a "Seascape" by Claude Monet.

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