Francis Bacon - Figure Writing Reflected In Mirror

Francis Bacon
Figure Writing Reflected In Mirror

Bacon's 'Figure writing reflected in mirror' at Sotheby's

Sotheby’s 9 May 2012 Contemporary Art Evening Sale in New York will feature 'Figure Writing Reflected In Mirror', considered one of the most powerful and sophisticated paintings by Francis Bacon.

April 15, 2012, source: Sotheby’s

'Figure Writing Reflected In Mirror' incorporates some of the artist’s most important themes and iconography, synchronizing the essence of Bacon’s life and art in an extraordinary painting. The work was included in the legendary 1977 exhibition at Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris, where it was shown alongside 'Triptych, 1976', which still holds the record price for any work of Contemporary art at auction. The painting is estimated to fetch $30/40 million and will be exhibited in London and New York.

The writing figure represents both Bacon’s partner George Dyer and the artist himself. By giving the figure Dyer’s distinctive profile and his own distinctive sweep of hair, Bacon conflates the two salient subjects that were features of paintings throughout his career. Rather than a precise inverted reflection, the mirror shows a second figure. The near-nakedness and white underwear of both though is strongly reminiscent of the famous photographs of George Dyer taken by John Deakin in Bacon’s studio in about 1965.

The seated man is confronted by the sheet before him; his creative struggle betrayed by the discarded efforts on the ground. The writing figure here is a direct manifestation of Bacon’s obsession with the written word, which saw him draw inspiration from literary classics ranging from Aeschylus to T.S. Eliot. Despite his fixation, the current work is the artist’s only canvas to feature someone writing.

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