A Rare Blue And White Moonflask (Baoyueping)

A Rare Blue And White Moonflask (Baoyueping)
Ming Dynasty, Yongle Period
At Sotheby's, estimate: $600/900,000

Chinese art at auction, September 2012.

On September 2012, Christie’s and Sotheby's New York will present their auctions of fine Chinese ceramics and works of Art.

August 24, 2012, source: Sotheby's and Christie’s

Highlighting the sale at Christie's is a superb green jade brush pot, Qianlong period (1736-1795), masterfully carved with a scene of the Six Scholars of Zhuxi that elegantly unfolds around the brush pot like a scroll painting. The spectacular brush pot was formerly in the collection of the eminent collector, Heber R. Bishop (1840-1902), whose treasured jades now form the cornerstone of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection. With estimates ranging from $5,000 to $800,000, the sale is expected to realize over $15 million.

Christie's will also offer a large archaic bronze ritual wine vessel, Zun, dating from late Shang dynasty, 12th- 11th century BC. (estimate of $600,000-800,000). This magnificent bronze vessel was once in the collection of Count Inoue Kaoru (1836-1915), an influential figure in Japanese history who amassed one of the largest collections of artworks during the Meiji period.

Major highlights at Sotheby's include a recently discovered Blue and White Moonflask from the Ming Dynasty, Yongle Period (1403-1424) and a Wucai ‘Fish’ Jar and Cover from the Jiajing Period (1522-1566) that is consigned by The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore and is being sold to benefit the Asian Art acquisitions fund. The sale also includes property from private collections that is fresh to the market such as the Shaw Collection of Qing porcelain and an Important Archaic Bronze Wine Vessel that has been in the same Japanese collection since 1924. Overall the sale is expected to bring $15/22 million.

Also at Sotheby's, an Imperial Jade Seal made to commemorate the eightieth birthday of the Qianlong Emperor in 1790 carries an estimate of $800,000 / 1.2 million.

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