Antoni Tàpies

Antoni Tàpies
At Fundació IDIBELL, february 2008
Photo by canalhub.fotos

Antoni Tàpies passes away at 88

Antoni Tàpies, one of the most important European artists of the last decades, has passed away on February 6th 2012 in his home on Barcelona.

February 6th 2012, source:

Antoni Tàpies was born into a bourgeois Catalonian family, "part of a publishing and book-selling tradition that awoke in him an early love of books and reading", as indicated in his biography from the website of the Fundació Antoni Tapies. The young Tàpies studied law in Barcelona, ​​but he soon left his studies to focus on painting.

Tapies was a self-taught artist, co-founder of the "Dau al Set" movement, influenced by Surrealism and Dadaism. Later, he was one of the greatest exponents of the "matter painting", along with Manolo Millares. In 1990 the artist opened the Antoni Tapies Foundation in his native Barcelona, created for the purpose of helping contemporary art and artists.

His works are exhibited in many contemporary art museums, including the MoMA and the Reina Sofia, and he was the focus of solo exhibitions in institutions such as the Stedelijk Museum, the Pace Wildenstein or the Maeght Gallery.

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