Alexei Savrasov: "The rooks have returned", 1871

Alexei Savrasov
"The rooks have returned"


The 19th century Russian landscape painting, and its most important works

by G. Fernández -
The Russian landscape painting remains quite unknown in Western Europe and America, especially if compared with another pictorial movements like the Barbizon School in France (which have an important influence in the Russian landscape painting) or the Hudson River School in the USA. However, 19th century Russian painters introduced a very special, emotional style into the landscape genre. In we have created this small gallery of images and commentaries to know a little more about these interesting painters.

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Ivan Aivazovsky: "The Ninth Wave", 1850

Arkhip Kuindzhi: "Dnepr in the morning", 1881

Isaac Levitan: "Lake", 1900

Alexei Savrasov: "The rooks have returned", 1871

Ivan Shishkin: "Morning in a pine forest", 1886

Fyodor Vasilyev: "Wet meadow", 1872

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