Picasso's Dora Maar au chat sold for more than 95 million dollars

The auction market has been crazy last Wednesday at Sotheby's New York, when a stunning, painterly, but arguably not masterful Picasso entitled Dora Maar au chat (1941) fetched an even more stunning $95.2 million, turning the second most expensive painting ever sold at auction. The current record, as you surely know, is held by another Picasso, Garçon a la pipe , which fetched a stunning $104 million two years ago

Dora Maar (1907-1997) met Picasso in 1930, and their sentimental relation lasts until 1946. A native from Paris , grown in Argentina and fluent in Spanish, Maar was one of Picasso's favourite models. This painting, measuring 130- 97 cm , was recently rediscovered and authenticated by Picasso's daughter, Maya Widmaier Picasso .

In the same auction, a painting by Henri Matisse, entitled Nu couché vu de dos' (1927), fetched $18.4 million, breaking the previous auction record for the artist.

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