Far from the tourist mass, near the real Venezia

A summer telegram from Venezia

It's always pleasant to spend a summer Sunday afternoon in La Serenissima. STOP. This brief visit to Venice has reaffirmed all my old convictions about this city. STOP. First of all, I still have the sensation of being in a giant, three-dimensional postcard. STOP. The real menace is not the raise of the sea level, but the raise of the tourist number. STOP. The most beautiful, of course, the Palazzo Ducale. STOP. But the best idea is to flee from all those emblematic places and get lost in every narrow street, far from the largest channels. STOP. Nevertheless, I'll stay here, in Campo Santa Margherita, with one hand in my pen and the other in my spritz rosso . STOP. The city is waiting for the Biennale of Cinema (August 30th) and Architecture (September 10th). STOP. Greetings from Venezia. STOP.

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